Поиск резюмеProcurement Specialist / Materials Coordinator / Warehouse & Inventory Specialist
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34 года (родился 19 декабря 1983), мужчина, не состоит в браке, детей нет
Корсаков, готов к переезду
Гражданство: Россия
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Procurement Specialist / Materials Coordinator / Warehouse & Inventory Specialist

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Опыт работы 6 лет и 7 месяцев

    • июль 2017 – ноябрь 2017
    • 5 месяцев

    Material Management Coordinator

    AHI Carrier Fzc
    Engineering solutions and equipment supply. Yamal LNG Project


    Established a material management process for AHI Carrier engineering team involved in Yamal LNG Project: • Conducted negotiations with the Client’s Material Department with regard to coordination procedures • Organized the process of receiving of materials and equipment (supplied by AHI Carrier) from the Client’s Warehouse • Arranged temporary storage facilities for received materials and equipment to ensure easy access and issuance to AHI Carrier engineering team • Carried out physical inventories of the available materials and created a database to account for materials and equipment to be further received from the Client’s Warehouse • Implemented material requisition and issuing procedures to be used by AHI Carrier project team to ensure proper control • Carried out physical inventories of all tools and equipment in stock for construction and commissioning operations. Implemented the project procedure to account for, store, issue and return the tools and equipment • Introduced project procedure for local procurement • Ensured that all members of the project team were provided with all necessary personal protective equipment Coordinated with the head office of AHI Carrier based in Sharjah (UAE) and its Moscow representative office to address operational issues, offer suggestions or recommendations and follow directions Participated in daily meetings with the Client’s representatives and its contractors to discuss current issues and the construction and commissioning schedule for each of the designated facilities Monitored the status of extra deliveries for HVAC equipment, spares parts and consumables supplied by AHI-Carrier to the Client’s Warehouse as per the basic contract Informed the Client’s contractors and AHI-Carrier engineers of the readiness status of materials and equipment to be received from the Client’s Warehouse Provided the Client’s engineers and its contractors with additional information on equipment configuration and components Turned over the well-organized process to rotating AHI-Carrier expatriate employees ensuring that they understood the job well and executed it properly
    • октябрь 2015 – июнь 2017
    • 1 год и 9 месяцев

    Lead procurement specialist

    SMNM-VECO, LLC. Engineering Construction Company
    Design, construction and project management. Lunskoye OPF Sakhalin-2 Project


    Ensured that the project team was duly provided with necessary materials and equipment as per the Company standards and requirements Received, checked and processed material purchase requisitions from engineers of the project team Prepared a procurement plan considering how long it would take to fabricate and deliver materials and equipment and by what date they must be available at the site Processed supplier’s quotations: evaluated purchase proposals and prepared comparative tables containing conclusions and recommendations Determined suitable suppliers with carriers based on tender results Prepared draft contracts for fabricating and delivery of materials and equipment as agreed upon with the legal department Purchased (as per the procurement plan) materials and equipment to be required in operational areas of the project team. Ensured full execution of contracts and mutual settlements Ensured that all support documents for materials and equipment (passports, certificates, etc.) were provided on due time Prepared claims against suppliers infringing contractual obligations, found solutions and ensured execution of calculations for these claims, prepared documents for the legal department of the Company for further settlement of claims Constantly monitored the market to attract new suppliers complying with the Company requirements Dealt with transport companies to arrange delivery of materials and equipment to the transit warehouse of the Company and then to the site (the site storage facility) Performed jointly with a QC engineer receipt inspection of materials and equipment at the Company transit warehouse ensuring compliance with temporary storage and preservation requirements Participated in taking inventories at the transit warehouse of the Company Tracked down materials and equipment from the shipment place to the final destination Disseminated weekly material tracking report to the Client’s representatives and engineers of the project team Developed instructions and guidelines for separate projects as assigned by the Company management
    • апрель 2013 – март 2014
    • 1 год

    Materials Controller

    Severnoye Zoloto, LLC. Kinross Gold Corporation
    Gold mining company. Dvoynoye Project


    Worked as a member of the project team involved in constructing the infrastructure facilities of Dvoynoye gold mine (Chukotka Autonomous District). Acted as a focal point between procurement, logistics and construction departments Set priorities for material deliveries based on the construction schedules as well as additionally-issued design approvals Submitted information to logistics department about schedules, optimal routes and delivery methods based on cargo dimensions and weights. Ensured compliance with company policy on delivery routes optimization (air, railway, sea/river navigation, as well as seasonal availability of winter and summer roads) in order to minimize transportation costs Tracked the flow of materials from suppliers to the moment the materials were issued at the construction site as per designations (Master Procurement Log) Informed engineering personnel and other employees of materials delivered to the construction site as per their purchase requisitions Ensured availability of all support documents for materials and equipment (passports, certificates, etc.) used for the construction Instructed warehouse supervisor to take regular inventories in order to prepare stock reports Carried out material control by approving material receiving requests and issuing picking lists for requestors through the system of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Searched for urgently required or unplanned materials at the nearest subsidiaries of the Company in Chukotka Autonomous District; Coordinated the purchase process as well as deliveries to the site Tracked availability of all auxiliary equipment used at the construction site Participated in daily tool-box meetings and informed the construction management of existing and potential problems as well as their solutions Participated in weekly inspection of construction facilities to enforce compliance with safety requirements for storage and handling of construction materials and equipment
    • март 2010 – март 2011
    • 1 год и 1 месяц


    Fluor Daniel Eurasia, Inc.
    Design, construction and project management. Odoptu field FSP Sakhalin-1 Project.


    Responsible for unloading, receiving, physical check and counting of all materials delivered to the construction site as well as verification against delivery documents Issued reports on overages, shortages or damages of materials delivered (OS&D reports) Prepared non-compliance reports on any materials that do not meet specifications (NCR reports) Selected technical documents and certificates provided with materials and equipment for Document Control purposes Prepared Substitute Packing Lists for cargoes received without any package documents Interacted with QC Department and Preservation Team to inspect complex equipment and ensure proper storage conditions Ensured that materials were properly transferred to the storage areas and efficiently stacked and stored in the appropriate places Ensured that materials were properly marked Carried out regular inventories. Kept the warehouse equipment and storage places in proper condition Processed contractors’ Field Material Requests Collected materials to be issued as per the Picking lists done in computerized material control system (MatMan®). Prepared transportation documents for materials to be dispatched Supervised the labor/rigger crew and equipment (cranes, loaders) assigned to me, ensured safe work Carried out material handling operations using a special equipment at the warehouse Conducted daily safety meetings with warehouse personnel Informed the warehouse supervisor of all damages, defects and potential dangers in storage facilities Ensured that waste (including hazardous waste) was handled in accordance with the project waste management plan
    • июль 2006 – октябрь 2008
    • 2 года и 4 месяца

    Waste Management Coordinator

    CTSD Ltd. Japanese Engineering Company
    Design, construction and project management. LNG/OET Plant construction Sakhalin-2 Project.


    Responsible for the Hazardous Waste Storage Facility (HWSF) Ensured that subcontractors followed all approved project waste handling procedures (waste generation limits, waste segregation, waste storage, waste transportation, etc.) Assisted the Company in finding specialized companies to conclude contracts for transferring, transportation, treatment and processing or disposal of construction waste Handled contracts concluded with third parties providing transport and other services Kept records of waste generation at the construction site (daily database, weekly, monthly and annual reports) Provided waste management support at the construction area (housekeeping staff and waste trucks management) Conducted weekly meetings with subcontractor representatives Submitted all the required documents to authorities


    • Высшее образование
    • Дневная/Очная
    • 2006

    Russian State University of Trade and Economics

    Факультет: Commerce and Law
    Специальность: Trade Management

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MS Office, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (Oracle's ERP software line)

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Well-organized and able to prioritize tasks

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